Pistons trade rumors: Could Jerami Grant be traded to the Celtics?

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Detroit Pistons, Jerami Grant

Jerami Grant #9 of the Detroit Pistons drives to the basket against Daniel Theis #27 of the Boston Celtics (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)

The Detroit Pistons have been involved in a lot of trade rumors this season, and the latest involves Jerami Grant and the Boston Celtics.

According to Shams Charania, the Boston Celtics are interested in trading for Jerami Grant, though there is no indication of just how they would go about doing so.

This set off a flurry of snarky Tweets between PistonPowered and our friends at Hardwood Houdini who mistakenly think that the Celtics have all of the leverage in a negotiation with the Detroit Pistons.

I tried to be nice in explaining that the Pistons don’t need or want to trade Jerami Grant, which does in fact, give them all the leverage. It would take a massive offer to even get the Pistons to pick up the phone but would Boston be willing to make it?

Detroit Pistons: It would take a huge offer to get Jerami Grant

The Pistons would at least listen to offers for Grant, as his value may never be higher, but this is a guy who wanted to play for Dwane Casey and Troy Weaver in Detroit, so it would be foolish for the Pistons to do him dirty by sending him to Boston, where he’d be back to being the third banana on a team with two young stars.

This would pretty much guarantee the the next free agent would think twice before trusting Detroit, which is not where they want to be.

Grant is also still young and Detroit could be good before his contract is up, which means they are in no hurry to trade him, especially considering his contract, which now looks like a steal.

But if the Boston Celtics made the Godfather offer? It’s intriguing.

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