Detroit Pistons: Diallo’s Thunder teammates react to trade on Twitter

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The Detroit Pistons traded for Hamidou Diallo, who did the standard farewell tour on Twitter.

Diallo thanked OKC as an organization and city and is leaving on good terms, which is something you want to see.

Another thing you like to see is that his teammates seemed genuinely sad to see him go, which is a good sign for the Detroit Pistons.

I’ve often said that you can tell who won a trade by the reactions of the fans and teammates who know him best. The last thing you want is for the opposing fans to say things like “Good luck!” or “Good riddance” when your team trades for one of their players.

Both the fans and Diallo’s OKC teammates were sad to see him go, while Pistons’ fans barely made a peep about losing Svi Mykhailiuk, so if we are going by this, the Pistons definitely won the trade.

Detroit Pistons: Hamidou Diallo’s teammates on Twitter

When Diallo posted his farewell, it was noticed by some of his former teammates, who are obviously not happy to see him go.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Theo Maledon and Darius Bazley all made comments on Diallo’s post:

If we are going by these reactions, then it appears the Pistons got a real one in Diallo. Gilgeous-Alexander was obviously upset at this trade and Bazley confirmed what Pistons’ fans wanted to hear, which is that the team just traded for a “killer.”

These are the guys who know Diallo best, so it is good to hear that they valued the player that the Pistons just traded to get.

We can’t judge the trade until we see what Diallo can do first hand, but going by the reactions of his teammates, Detroit got the better of the deal.

Diallo has not yet made his debut for the Detroit Pistons, but he’ll be eager to prove that his former teammates were right and that the Thunder were crazy to trade him.

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