Detroit Pistons: Is Jalen Suggs the next Mr. Big Shot?

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The Detroit Pistons desperately want to get into the top-3 of the NBA Draft and last night showed precisely why.

Every year there is a player or two that helps their draft status by having a strong tournament. Usually it’s a lesser known guy or a player for a small school who steps up on the big stage and helps his cause in the NBA Draft.

This year it’s a guy who was already a top-five pick making his case to be the top guy overall.

Jalen Suggs has had a brilliant NCAA Tournament and is now at the top of some draft boards, especially after he carried his team to the Finals last night with clutch play on both ends of the floor.

For people wondering why teams are so high on Suggs, just watch this play and you’ll see his tantalizing talent on both ends:

Suggs is one of the best guards on both ends of the floor and most importantly, he’s a winner, which should remind fans of the Detroit Pistons of another point guard from the past.

Detroit Pistons: Jalen Suggs has a Chauncey Billups vibe

I can understand why fans want Cade Cunningham, as he is a freak athlete with size who looks like he could dominate very soon.

I also get the Evan Mobley people who think he’s the best fit, or the Jalen Green folks who think he has the highest ceiling.

But there is also something to be said for winning and being a leader and so far, Suggs has separated himself from the pack in those categories.

He had so many clutch plays in the Final Four that some Pistons’ fans were wondering if he could be the next Mr. Big Shot if the Pistons end up drafting him. 

Suggs has shown a brilliant all around game that includes passing and defense, and he just seems to have a knack for stepping up in the big moments, skills that are reminiscent of Chauncey Billups.

You can call this “luck” or whatever you want but some guys just have that swagger and want the ball when it matters. Suggs said in his postgame interview, “I knew it was going in.”

I love this kids’ game and his confidence. He is also a leader who is on an undefeated team that is in the Finals. There are some intangibles that don’t show up in draft profiles and Jalen Suggs has them.

He might be the best pick for the Detroit Pistons regardless of where they choose and could be the next Mr. Big Shot in Detroit.

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