Detroit Pistons: What is Josh Jackson’s ceiling for the Pistons?

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The Detroit Pistons took a calculated risk on Josh Jackson that has somewhat paid off in the first season.

Jackson has been very solid, mostly off the bench, and has provided the Pistons with energy, defense and size at the two-guard position.

Jackson was worth the risk, as he was the fourth overall pick in the draft and clearly has talent that he was unable to realize in Phoenix and Memphis.

He is having the best season of his career with the Detroit Pistons but still has a lot to work on to be the best version of himself.

Jackson seems to have the will to get there and will be putting in the work in the offseason to improve his weaknesses, which are long-range shooting and ball handling.

If Jackson could be a league-average 3-point shooter and cut down the turnovers, he could be a very good signing for Detroit, especially when you consider that he will only make $5 million next season.

But what is the ceiling for Josh Jackson? How good can he be?

Detroit Pistons: Josh Jackson’s ceiling

Jackson is already a good defender with size who brings energy off the bench and can score in bunches.

His issues this season are that his turnovers outweigh his assists and he has only shot around 31 percent from long range on 4.1 attempts per game.

If he can clean up those issues, what would Jackson be?

Jackson does not currently rank in the top-60 in scoring for shooting guards, which will have to improve if he wants to make a big leap as a player. While he may be a better defender than some of the guys ahead of him on the list, he’ll have to do more on the offensive end if he wants to be considered a top shooting guard.

He is currently in the Malik Monk, Bogdan Bogdanovic range of scorers, but to me, Jackson could be better than either one of those guys.

If Jackson can improve his overall shooting, I think his ceiling is someone like Evan Fournier, an 18 point per game scorer who will grab a few rebounds and get a few assists.

I don’t see Jackson ever getting into that next tier of guys, but he can absolutely get into the Fournier tier, which would be great for the Pistons, especially if he were still coming off the bench.

Jackson is really a corner 3-point shot away from being a very productive two-guard and he could get there next season if he spends the offseason working on his shot.

Jackson looks like a pretty good story for the Detroit Pistons but he could be one of their better recent signings with minor improvements.

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