Jalen Green takes shots at Detroit after passing him up in NBA Draft


Jalen Green had some words to say about the city of Detroit and being the No. 2 pick. Needless to say, it won’t be pretty for him when he comes to visit in the regular season.

In an earlier article, we talked about the friendly competition between Houston Rockets rookie Jalen Green and Detroit Pistons rookie Cade Cunningham. Green put up serious numbers against Cunningham on the offensive front, and it’s looking to be a great regular-season matchup for the future.

But for Pistons fans, they may not be too excited about that Rockets matchup, especially after these choice words from the No. 2 pick in the 2021 NBA Draft. Green had a lot to say about what could have been if he was the No. 1 pick, and it’s definitely not positive.

Jalen Green says he didn’t want to live in Detroit

Green talked with Yahoo Sports about growing up in Fresno. This became a catalyst for proving people wrong, especially after getting picked as the No. 2 pick overall in the draft. But that’s not what got the heat in the article; his comments throwing major shade at Detroit are what raised some eyebrows.

Green drew parallels between the bubble that he played in a season prior. While Detroit may not be a bustling city with everyone moving there like Houston, there are definitely things to do there and he would have been appreciated in the Motor City. But false love can be sensed from a mile away, and Detroit doesn’t need that energy.

His California living may have played a role in his comments (considering it does get pretty cold in the winter months in Detroit), but it wouldn’t mean he couldn’t go and still enjoy himself. While it is his opinion, the boos will definitely be prevalent when he makes his first appearance in Motown.

At least his commentary isn’t as abysmal as what Cade Cunningham said about the GOAT Debate.

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