Watch: LeBron James ejected after fight with Pistons (Video)


Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James got tangled with young Pistons big man Isaiah Stewart at the free-throw line. The result was a near-brawl.

It wasn’t Malice at the Palace part two, but it nearly escalated to something the Association didn’t want to see. James and Stewart got tangled at the free throw line, and the result was LeBron seemingly provoking the young Pistons big during a scuffle.

Stewart didn’t take kindly to this, and had to be restrained and taken back into the Pistons locker room. LeBron was eventually ejected as well, de-escalating the situation at hand.

LeBron James ejected: What started the brawl?

LeBron made contact with Stewart on what seemed like an innocent free throw, and it clearly took Stewart by surprise.

James is sure to claim the play was an accident, while Pistons fans will suggest otherwise. The two were tangled on a few plays in the first half, but nothing of this variety.

LeBron elbow: Was James’ motion on purpose?

That’s tough to say, really, but it did leave a mark on Stewart. The Pistons second-year player was bloodied when James’ fist made contact with his mouth and nose area.

Stewart was unhappy, and for good reason.

LeBron James ejection: NBA fans react

Detroit fans were extremely unhappy with James, and it’s easy to see why.

Isaiah Stewart: What happened to his eye?

Stewart’s eye/nasal area was punched by James. It’s unclear if the incident was accidental or on purpose. More to come in that regard postgame.

Will LeBron James be suspended?

That’s up to the NBA. LeBron just returned from injury and is one of the game’s greatest stars, so don’t be surprised if the punishment is rather lenient.

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