Blake Griffin tells Pistons ‘I still got it’ after dunking on them (Video)


Blake Griffin had some trash talk saved up for the Detroit Pistons in his return to Little Caesars Arena.

Blake Griffin gave the Detroit Pistons arguably one of the best years of his career. He never asked for the LA Clippers to trade him there, and he got them to the playoffs for the first time in three years back in 2019. None of that matters though, because all people can remember is how he “played” the Pistons by going through the motions this season until they bought him out.

Now as a member of the Brooklyn Nets, it’s entirely true that Griffin looks like a new, revitalized player. He’s even dunking again, with plenty of trash talk to boot.

On Friday night, during Griffin’s first game back in Detroit with his new team, the Flyin’ Lion caught a lob from James Harden and threw it down with two hands. No one was in the vicinity, but Griffin, being well aware of the slander he’s received over the past few months, made sure to let his old teammates on the Pistons bench know about it.

“I still got it.”

Blake Griffin tells the Detroit bench “I still got it”

The night was full of both physical and verbal barbs being traded between Blake Griffin and his former team. Rookie Isaiah Stewart was ejected for throwing an elbow at Griffin. He also pummeled him into the ground as Griffin was boxing out on a free throw earlier in the game, and Hamidou Diallo got some revenge for Stewart getting tossed.

Even on the play where Griffin dunked and started talking trash, Saddiq Bey got him right back on the very next possession:

While it was nice of the Pistons organization to prepare a tribute video for his return, this was quite a physical and hostile reunion. James Harden led the way with 44 points, 14 rebounds and 8 assists, while Griffin finished his night with 17 points on 5-of-8 shooting in his 20 minutes off the bench.

The Nets got the narrow 113-111 road win to improve to 31-15 on the season. The Pistons, meanwhile, fell to 12-32.

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