Motor City Hoops Podcast: “Detroit KoolAid” from Woodward Sports Network joins MCH

Detroit Bad Boys

On episode 73 of the Motor City Hoops Podcast I am joined by Brandon Dent (known on twitter as @DetroitKoolAid) who is a Detroit Pistons and Motor City Cruise credentialed media member for the Woodward Sports Network. KoolAid and myself dive into the Jerami Grant injury and what it means for the current roster AND the possibility of him being traded by the deadline. We also discuss Cade Cunningham and if he has exceeded expectations, a topic brought up by Woodward Sports Network and how we feel about the “restoration” at this point compared to 12 months ago.

***Also, want to make sure we give credit to the Nick and James on the BunxCardigan show as we wanted to use a mailbag question of theirs to discuss how many current members of the roster will be on the team in 2024.

We finish this episode by taking some time to go Around the NBA led by producer Wes Davenport playing our favorite game, “Sheed” or “Sham”. KoolAid and I had a blast battling it out with these True/False questions about the Heat, Rockets and Pacers. Make sure you tune in to see if I got my first W!!

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With that said, I hope you enjoy this episode of Motor City Hoops!

AND make sure you send in all of your Questions for Ep. 74 next week where I will be joined by Ku Khahil from Locked On Pistons for an ALL MAILBAG EPISODE!

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