Leaked: Detroit Pistons bringing teal back next season with special throwback jersey

Detroit Bad Boys

It’s finally happening. Teal is coming back. For one season, anyway. While nothing is confirmed, a massive trove of jerseys alleged to be used next season includes one Detroit Pistons fit — a “Classic Edition” jersey featuring the late-90s teal and flaming horse.

Yes, you will be able to buy a Cade Cunningham jersey (and perhaps the jersey of a very high upcoming draft pick) in teal.

More than 40 jerseys were leaked online, and a source confirmed their authenticity to Chris Creamer, proprietor of sportslogos.net and very well versed in the coming and going in the world of sports jerseys.

Twitter users @skunwong32 and @caseyvitelli first pushed the news out on social media and if it stopped there I probably wouldn’t report it, but a confirmation from Creamer makes me think this is legitimate.

No other Pistons jersey was part of the leaked images, which included several City Edition and Statement jerseys.

The Classic Editions can only be worn for one season and are supposed to exactly match the original jersey design. So this is not a play on the old teal jersey, this is the real deal coming out of storage for one season only.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Pistons are even more willing to incorporate teal or even elements of that loud 90s style into future alternate jerseys if fan response is robust.

Creamer has solid, slightly cleaned up versions of the leaked images organized by type, so go check out his entire post, but I will drop the one with the Pistons jersey on it.

Love it or hate it, it looks like the teal is back. For those who are old enough to remember, let us all fondly look back and reminisce about this era of Pistons basketball — the late stages of Joe Dumars’ career and the emergence of a young Grant Hill — and non-basketball related things — Must See TV on NBC, a whole rash of disaster movies, Bill Clinton scandals real and imagined, an insane freakout over Y2K … what a time to be alive.

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