Detroit News final NBA mock draft: Pistons add firepower to young core

Detroit News

There is strength in numbers. But there’s also chaos, which is why Thursday’s NBA draft offers so much intrigue.

Six teams own multiple first-round picks, Houston and San Antonio — each has three — and Oklahoma City has stockpiled a whopping 19 first-rounders over the next seven years. So a night that already promised some surprises should have even more in store as NBA general managers wheel and deal and get a jump on this summer’s free agency.

The Pistons are one of a handful of teams with projected cap space heading into July, and they just added a lot more by trading Jerami Grant to Portland for a future first-round pick. But others could follow suit as Atlanta, Indiana, Charlotte, New York and Washington all try to maneuver in and around the lottery.

Grant likely won’t be the only big name to move, either. Veterans on the trading block include Hawks’ John Collins and the Pacers’ Malcolm Brogdon. There are other stars in limbo — namely Brooklyn’s Kyrie Irving and Phoenix’s DeAndre Ayton, who could be a prime target for Pistons GM Troy Weaver.

And while there seems to be a consensus about the top three picks in this year’s draft class, there are several storylines to watch Thursday. Among them is the possibility that Sacramento trades out of the No. 4 pick and what that might mean for the Pistons at No. 5.

If the draft starts there, as many suggest, it’s anyone’s guess after that. Here’s our final attempt:

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