NBA Trade Grades: Blazers acquire Jerami Grant from Pistons


The Portland Trail Blazers acquired Pistons forward Jerami Grant the day before the 2022 NBA Draft, and didn’t give up much in immediate assets.

Grant has flourished in his time with the Pistons, in part due to the saying, “Well, someone has to score.”

But Grant is a capable wing, and has been on the trade block for quite some time. Finally, Detroit received an offer of their liking, and Troy Weaver jumped at it, sending him to Portland to play alongside Damian Lillard.

As for the Blazers, they’re in win-now mode, and have convinced Lillard that he should stay in the Pacific Northwest for (hopefully) the rest of his career.

The details of the Grant trade are as follows:

Trail Blazers Get

Jerami Grant

No. 46 in 2022 Draft

Pistons Get

2025 Bucks first rounder

2022 pick No. 36

NBA trade grades: Detroit Pistons win the deal

In the end, this trade is a win-win for everyone. The Blazers need competent scoring alongside Lillard, especially after dealing away CJ McCollum at the deadline last year.

The Pistons, meanwhile, want to add picks and get cap relief. Portland will take on the remainder of Grant’s deal, which is valued at just over $21 million. They’ll also receive that 2025 Bucks first-round pick (which is protected 1-4). Assuming the Bucks don’t finish bottom-4, they’ll be getting an extra first rounder down the line for a player they’ve been trying to trade since February. The second-round swap is just the cherry on top.

The Pistons now have $43 million in cap space, which they can spend either this offseason or in the future. Knowing their tendencies and the strategy of Weaver, it’s unlikely they spend most of that money right now.

Building around Cade Cunningham is the focal point for the front office. He’s only 20 years old, and won’t be of drinking age until next September.

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