NBA Trade Rumors: Bojan Bogdanovic says Pistons told him he’s staying put


Bojan Bogdanovic was told by Detriot management that he isn’t gonna be traded. Are the Detroit Pistons making the right choice in holding onto him?

According to HoopsHype, it seems like Bojan Bogdanovic may not be on the move after all. According to Bogdanovic, the Pistons told him about offseason plans and said “he [is] a core member of the team going forward.

Bojan Bogdanovic has been on the trade market for a while this report is making it seem like the forward might be off the market. If someone offers them a valuable unprotected first-round pick (like say the Lakers offer one of those first-round picks), the Pistons might still think about trading Bogdanovic but it seems like the forward is here to stay.

Is holding onto Bojan Bogdanovic the right move for the Pistons?

This is a smart move by the Pistons, who clearly have a goal of getting to the playoffs next season. The Pistons are a small market team who will have a tough time attracting top-tier players on the free-agent market next season and it makes sense to keep a player like Bogdanovic rather than keep cap space. Even if they don’t trade him, the Pistons will have around $13 million dollars in cap space which is enough money to find a solid rotation player to edge out this roster.

With guys like Jaden Ivey, Jalen Duren, Isaiah Stewart, and another top prospect (via this year’s draft) going the squad, this team could be very fun and have a really good chance at cracking the No. 8 seed or at least making the play-in round. For a team like the Pistons with a lot of young players, it makes sense to keep a veteran leader who is on a long-term contract.

With his contract extension, the Pistons are not under any pressure to trade Bojan Bogdanovic and Detriot should only trade him if they get a really good offer from a team. Next season, the Pistons could make a playoff run with him and their young players.

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