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This is it. The final Big Board. Fittingly, it represents the thoughts of our readers who are also the people that make everything we are able to do at Detroit Bad Boys possible. In just a few days, more than 300 people submitted entries filling out a Big Board featuring 17 names, and we printed an NBA Lottery’s worth of results. The only names omitted were Victor Wembanyama and Scoot Henderson, who are likely to be the top two picks in the NBA Draft.

We also featured the insights of why folks liked and didn’t like certain players on the board. I’ve included their average draft position, where they fell most commonly on people’s lists, and how today’s results compare to the first time we solicited input from readers to build a Big Board back in April.

The results are not terribly shocking other than I’m a little intrigued by the continued love for Cam Whitmore and a little perplexed just how down people were on Taylor Hendricks. Enjoy the results below and come back this evening and join the DBB crew as we watch the draft.

1. Brandon Miller

ADP: 1.57
Most Common (1st in 198 entries)
Since April Big Board: No Change

I think Brandon deserves the right to be #2 overall. He was the best player in college basketball as a freshman. Scoot also had very disappointing stats especially for a smaller guard. Miller is going to be the next Paul George or Tatum. — Jared Beck

NCAA Basketball: Providence at Villanova

Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports

2. Cam Whitmore

ADP: 3.56
Most Common: (2nd in 79 entries)
Since April Big Board: +2

Cam Whitmore is a strong, explosive athlete with great skill at cutting and finishing at the rim, and he looks like a promising shooter from 3 point range. He also has an ability to create his own shot, though it’s here that he can get into ball-hog mode. Taking him would be a gamble that Monty Williams and his staff can help him play within the team concept and gradually learn when he needs to take matters into his own hands a bit more. If he gets there I believe he could be the 2nd best player for Detroit in this draft, after Wembanyama. — Collin Pretchel

I am a #whitmorewarrior.
I am a casual.
I am a highlight watcher.
Enough with the nerd stuff.
I don’t care about “connective passing” or “helpside rim protection” I care about dunks, stepbacks, and crossovers.

Put down the synergy, pick up a xbox controller.
Play 2k with it.
God bless you. — Buzzardbeater

For me, I wanna love Cam, but after watching a handful of his games and additional highlights, he just screams ‚Äúoffensive black hole‚Äù. Once he gets the ball in his hands, it‚Äôs about ISO scoring, even if it‚Äôs not what‚Äôs best for the offense. Similar to Bey during his time here. Other players have more upside, especially on D, who can play within the flow of an offense. — Fred S.

Cam played while apparently injured and the age of a typical HS senior, still able to physically dominate many guys 3-5 years older than him. We don’t need him to be a great playmaker on a team with Cade, Ivey, and even Duren in the post. If he just becomes competent, that’s plenty good. At #5, the floor/ceiling combo is just too tantalizing. And I think it would just be fun to watch him on this team over the next few years. I think at worst, he’s a very good 6th man off the bench, bringing energy on both ends(floor). He could become a 2-way highlight machine starter that’s a smooth compliment as a 3rd/4th option and solid multi-position defender (mid) … or maybe everything works out and he develops into that all-star level scorer who can still distribute the rock when necessary (ceiling). Either way, he’s going to have his moments and fill his share of team highlight reels. — Anonymous

Basketball: Overtime Elite-Cold Hearts at City Reapers

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

3. Amen Thompson

ADP: 3.95
Most Common: (2nd in 69 entries)
Since April Big Board: +2

A walking advantage creator and high level processor with an absurd combination of athletic abilities that consistently puts pressure on opposing defenses. At 6’7 with a 7 foot wingspan, Amen‚Äôs speed/flexibility/change of direction/vertical athleticism intersection is truly an anomaly. From full speed live dribble skip passes to mind-bending body contorting rim finishes, Amen is capable of things on a basketball court most aren’t, though the shooting will determine his overall ceiling. Will be a 99th percentile athlete day one in a league consisting of nothing but 99th percentile athletes. — Gavin

An explosive, athletic facilitator with questions about his jump shot. That description is far too similar to Ivey’s for Amen to be a good fit for the Pistons. If the Pistons are to take a big swing, Amen is the wrong twin, because the Pistons already have two young, ball-dominant guards. Detroit needs a wing who can shoot. Ausar is the upside pick with a better fit in Detroit, and the other 3-and-D wings in the middle of the lottery are also better picks. — EliTE539

To be honest, neither [Thompson Twin] interests me, they both just meh players high ceiling, but low floor players. Yes, I understand that they‚Äôre athletic, they have Potential oh my gosh, I should be drooling other them, but I‚Äôm not. People, I‚Äôm tired of the potential picks like Killian, we had an option to taken Tyrese, but yet we passed for Potential. I think at this stage, this team is coming along very nicely (barring injuries). The fans aren‚Äôt ready, but Weaver and this team is ready to push for the next step. The team is in desperate need of shooting and defense, right now, the Thompson twins only provide defense, half of what we need. On a team with two guards shooting below average from the three. We need someone who can shoot the ball consistently well. Look back at recent Dallas WCF run, they were successful because they put shooters and defenders around Luka. Look at Denver, they have shooters around Jokic. So why does it make sense to have non-shooters around Cade? — Brandon Major

Amen is a big point guard who can’t shoot; this should sound unfortunately familiar to Pistons fans. Maybe the shot will come around, but his poor free throw shooting means it’s not a fantastic gamble. And he was playing against a fairly poor quality of competition in the Overtime Elite system. If you take Amen (and much of this analysis applies to his twin as well) you are banking on the supreme athleticism turning him into something special. — Phunwin

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament Second Round-Auburn vs Houston

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4. Jarace Walker

ADP: 4.48
Most Common: (4th in 58 entries)
Since April Big Board: -2

I buy the high school playmaking. I think his offensive bag will surprise many that have only watched him at Houston. I think offensively his ceiling is a connecting 4th option. Great assist to TO ratio. Good offensive boards. Just does what it takes to play winning basketball on that end. Defensively his ceiling is all defense 1st team year after year. I think he has some work to do with staying low and flipping his hips. When he’s up high he does get blown by. But you can’t teach 250 lbs and super athletic for his size. — Jon Strong

What if I told you the Pistons could draft a player who: resembles Isaiah Stewart (yay), but wasn’t as productive as Isaiah Stewart (boo), but is more athletic than Isaiah Stewart (yay), but is a bit of a wimp in the paint (boo), but he is kind of more skilled than Beef Stew at wing stuff especially passing (yay). Not convinced yet?

Well, what if I told you that this player actually has the defensive and playmaking chops of Scottie Barnes, the chip on his shoulder of Paul Millsap, and the intimidating physical presence of Aaron Gordon?

Now you may be saying to yourself, Scottie Barnes, Paul Millsap and Aaron Gordon only have a combined 4 All-Star appearances and that style of play is no longer relevant in the modern NBA. Okay, slow down there champ. This is the fifth pick in the draft we are talking about here. The Pistons don’t play in a Palace any longer, they play in a Pizza parlor.

Jarace Walker will help Pistons royalty Cade, Jaden and Jalen max out their sovereignty. — Mark C.

I don’t really believe in the fit with the Pistons. I’m not really sold that he is really that switchable. While the passing is nice, for this team how offensive game of bad midrange shots and lackluster 3. He also appears to avoid contact at the moment which isn’t ideal to me. He can work on these things like many prospects but I don’t really see much in him. He is great at defending slower players though. — Basura

I love Jarace Walker on this team. I don’t know how anyone cannot love the idea of a defensive frontcourt of Duren and Jarace. The shooting is a question mark, but he has no other flaws in his game. He likely didn’t show everything he had at Alabama and this is and this is a reason to believe he could be even better. I think he is surefire to be a good role player in the NBA and he has the upside to be even better. —The aussie pistons supporter not named Jack Kelly

Basketball: Overtime Elite-Cold Hearts at City Reapers

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

5. Ausar Thompson

ADP: 4.67
Most Common: (3rd in 64 entries)
Since April Big Board: -2

Things i look for when evaluating prospects:

  • Positional size.
  • Athleticism. Not only jumping high and running fast but how well they move on the court in general.
  • Feel fo the game and what it takes to win
  • Being a team player, not being a “me” player
  • Longing to be great and working hard towards that


While I see a NBA ready player and a lot of potential with him and his brother, when it comes to the 5th pick, he excels past the other options from my too much time spent on YouTube. I’m assuming Amen is gone but this all essentially applies to him too. I get the shot concerns. Everything else is a giant plus for me. More athletic and larger wingspan than Whitmore. Great size for being a 2, as opposed to Whitmore and Walker being undersized. Seems like a workhorse who fits personality wise with our backcourt and is just as smart at making the right play. I‚Äôll bet on the shot getting better. —dpvictory

Believe me when I say I’m ready to talk myself into Ausar Thompson twin if it happens: “He’s so athletic!”, “Scottie Pippin reincarnated!”, “His shot has improved immensely!” but I just can’t get there right not. I typically have a large appetite for risk in the draft; nothing risked, nothing gained they say. But the combination of factors including the challenge of scouting the OTE program, the history of poor shooting, the bad defensive habits, etc. has me mostly out on Ausar. — ABW17

Completely underrated. Amen gets all the love because he is a flashy highlight reel guy. But ausar plays winning basketball. He’s got that dog in him. He wants to guard the other teams best player and just hound them all game. Won all the MVP awards and rightfully so as he was the no brainer MVP both years at the OTE. Despite having the worse team between him and amen in 2022 he was able to will his team to victory not afraid to guard his brother but amen rarely guarding ausar. People nervous about his defensive lapses need to turn to the overseas tape as he was continually locked in and engaged. Shot is continually improving and i buy his ability to keep improving and become a decent nba shooter. The upside is lower than his brother but i think whoever drafts him will not regret the pick as he does so many things well that contribute to winning. — Jon Strong

NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament - West Regional

Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

6. Anthony Black

ADP: 4.86
Most Common: (6th in 64 entries)
Since April Big Board: No Change

Black’s IQ, playmaking ability, versatility and defensive upside are being severely overlooked. He is going to be the guy that everybody asks “why didn’t he get drafted sooner?” He’ll fit any system on any roster. He’s a ++ glue guy that could be the piece needed to connect all your other pieces. — TheKayz

Black being able to guard 1-4 along with play 1-3 with the ability to always make the right play has me convinced he’s going to be one of the best players in this draft‚ even if his shooting doesn’t come along. — Evan

We can’t go wrong with a guy like this. He’s good at basketball in every way. He can play off of people, orchestrate, be a connector, blocks jump shots with instincts that Draymond had in college.. you see a winner who’s going to make a mark and fit anywhere. I think he makes sense for the Pistons as a wing despite his shooting, you can’t have too much redundancy of skilled, great all around players. Attitude, chemistry. Buying, especially if Cam is sinking and we aren’t making the necessary moves to fit Jarace. — Richard

Arkansas v Kansas

Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

7. Gradey Dick

ADP: 7.08
Most Common: (7th in 109 entries)
Since April Big Board: +1

Gradey Dick: Long defender, gets in the paint, not afraid to take a shot from deep. This take may look like a long shot adn it might be a hard for him, but he definitely has the assets to be in the NBA for a Long time. — Richard Cook

8. Nick Smith Jr.

ADP: 8.30
Most Common: (8th in 95 entries)
Since April Big Board: +1

9. Keyonte George

ADP: 9.54
Most Common: (9th in 82 entries)
Since April Big Board: +2

Kentucky v Kansas State

Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

10. Cason Wallace

ADP: 10.33
Most Common: (10th in 87 entries)
Since April Big Board: No Change

There was an era when a player like Cason Wallace would be considered top of the draft, but not in this climate where people are accustomed to highlight reels churned out by hype machines. He checks all the boxes for a great winning NBA player. High basketball IQ? Check. Impactful defense? Check. Functional athleticism? Check. Beautiful shooting form? Check. Can play offball and partner with other stars needed to complete a winning team? Check. Leadership? Check. Clutch gene? Check. Cason will be the ultimate sleeper of batch 2023. Within the next five years, he will lead his team to contention and fight Cade Cunningham for All NBA honors while also contending for All Defense. Then people will wonder why they have been swayed by hype videos and let Cason “The Reason” Wallace go under the radar. — Erwin Rafael

One does not need to think very hard to recall multiple Kentucky guards who performed much better in the NBA than in college. Calipari’s a heck of a recruiter but he wastes the talent. Wallace will be the next one. Lockdown defender with offensive upside in spades. If the Pistons traded down and he were around in the late lottery, I’m running that card to the podium. — EliTE539

11. Jett Howard

ADP: 12.03
Most Common: (13th in 76 entries)
Since April Big Board: +2

NCAA Basketball: Central Florida at Cincinnati

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

12. Taylor Hendricks

ADP: 12.40
Most Common: (11th in 77 entries)
Since April Big Board: -5

Pistons are currently lacking defense and shooting. Taylor Hendricks excels in both. Furthermore, TH is the perfect complement to Jalen Duren. Let’s just imagine a frontcourt composed of Duren and Hendricks. The defensive versatility they will provide, that plus Pistons would actually ‘restore’ the fantastic ability to block shots they had back to the Wallace x2 days. Offensively, Taylor’s main weakness can be his handle and creation, but no worries we already have Cade and Ivey to do that part of the job. Again, offensively the main need is guys who can put the ball into the basket from 3 points territory. That’s why Pistons are linked to Cam Johnson and also why Hendricks is the best fit. — ducler

Hendricks is higher on my board than I think most people might have him. For me, he has size, defensive upside, and shooting that he offers. Every team needs all of those things, so I’m not sure why he’s valued much lower than Ausar and Cam Whitmore. I think he can play the 3 and slide to the 4 easily, but I mainly see him as a 3. He’s a little raw, but I think he’ll be a monster and if he gets selected by the Pistons. He won’t need to start right away and he can develop nicely with the rest of our pieces. — Tom Y.

With all of that talk about offering Cam Johnson a contract large enough to make Brooklyn pause, I look at Taylor Hendricks and think why not get “Cam Johnson” on a rookie contract? To me, the archetype is very similar – a 3/4 forward who can shoot the triple and defends at an above average mark. While Hendricks might not have as high of a ceiling his peers, I think the goal for this pick given the fall to 5 is a solid contributor. In my opinion Hendricks, has a great chance to hit that outcome. — Chris Johnson

13. Brice Sensabaugh

ADP: 12.72
Most Common: (12th in 85 entries)
Since April Big Board: +1

14. Jalen Hood-Shifino

ADP: 14.61
Most Common: (14th in 80 entries)
Since April Big Board: No Change

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